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2024 Contests & Winners
2023 Winners

Court Raffle Winners

Boston Trivia - Winner: Russell Paluso CASB

What Boston Celtics legend, who played for the team from 1979 to 1992, was nicknamed  "The Hick from French Lick"?  a) Julius Erving   b) Larry Bird   c) Bob Lanier   d)Walt Fraser

Known in the U.S. as the Intolerable Acts and in the U.K. as the Coercive Acts, this series of restrictive laws was passed in response to what iconic event that occurred on December 16, 1773?  a)  George Washington crossing the Delaware River  b) Pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock   c) Boston Tea Party  d) Sinking of the Bismarck

The exterior shots of this television comedy were filmed at Boston’s Bull & Finch Pub.  a) The Bob Newhart Show   b)The Golden Girls   c) 227   d) Cheers

This Grammy Award winning singer and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, known for her string of 1970’s and 1980’s dance hits, was born in the Boston neighborhood of Mission Hill.  a) Donna Summer   b)Cher   c)  Linda Ronstadt  d) Whitney Houston

Which American insurance company, founded in 1912 and headquartered in Boston, has an emu as its mascot?   a) GEICO   b) Liberty Mutual   c) State Farm   d)Prudential

Named after a feature of Fenway Park, what is the name of the Boston Red Sox’s mascot?  a) Wally   b) Dugout   c) Benchwarmer   d) Spike


The first structure of this type was built on Boston Harbor’s Little Brewster Island in 1716.   a) Boardwalk   b) Lighthouse   c) Seawall   d) Hot dog stand


What Neil Diamond song is played in the middle of the eighth inning at every Boston Red Sox home game?   a) Cracklin’ Rosie   b) Hello Again   c) Sweet Caroline   d) You Don’t Bring Me Flowers


Author Louisa May Alcott lived in Boston for much of her life but based this novel on events from her childhood in Concord, Massachusetts.   a) Pride and Prejudice   b) Room With a View   c) A Tale of Two Cities   d) Little Women


This apparel company founded in Boston in 1952 is known mostly for its footwear, specifically its “Yellow Boot” collection.   a) Nike   b) Timberland   c) Rockport   d) Red Wing

Scavenger Hunt - Winner: Mechelle Warren TNEB

When is the 2024 NCBC Conference in Boston? a)       August 25-28 b)      May 30 – June 2 c)       July  9-12 d)      July 29 – August 1

Which District hosted the 2019 NCBC Conference? a)       District of Nevada b)      Northern District of Illinois c)       Central District of California d)      Southern District of California

In what city will the 2025 NCBC Conference be held? a)       Boston, MA b)      Atlanta, GA c)       Fort Worth, TX d)      Washington, DC

Which NCBC Award represents an achievement by an individual or group that resulted in savings or changes which benefited the court system as a whole? a)       Outstanding Service Award b)      Special Service Award c)       Outstanding Achievement Award                 d)     Distinguished Service Award

In the November 2023 issue of IMPACT, on what page can you find information about Why Government Workers Need to Protect Their Incomes? a)       Page 2 b)      Pages 8-9 c)       Page 11 d)      Pages 13-14

When is the 2024 in-person LEAD Academy Workshop scheduled? a)       July 29, 2024 b)      April 29, 2024 c)       August 1, 2024 d)      August 26, 2024

Which of the below is a membership benefit of NCBC?a)       Financial & Retirement Benefits b)      Scholarship/Tuition Assistance c)       Member Appreciation Week d)      All of the above

Crossword - Winner: Lori Stanley ARWB

Word Scramble - Winner: Petara Parnello SCB

2023 Court Raffle Winners

Anaheim Trivia Winner - Eric Sciulli, PAWB

Scavenger Hunt Winner - Kelly Jaster, GANB

Crossword Puzzle Winner - Brian Lipinski, UTB

Word Scramble Winner - Lisa Williams, AREB