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Andrea Redmon

Southern District of Alabama

113 St. Joseph Street

Mobile, AL 36602

(251) 436-5403

Term 2022-2024

VP/President Elect

Stephanie Butler

Eastern District of North Carolina

Century Station

300 Fayetteville Street, Room 445

Raleigh, NC 27601‑1749


Term 2022-2024


Thomas C. Kearns

District of Maryland

Edward A. Garmatz Federal Building and United States Courthouse

101 West Lombard Street, Room 8525

Baltimore, MD 21201‑2605

(410) 962-7806

Term 2023-2025


Laura Bax

Western District of Missouri

Charles Evans Whittaker United States Courthouse

400 East Ninth Street, Room 1510

Kansas City, MO 64106

(816) 512-5015

Term 2023-2025

Past President

Una O’Boyle

District of Delaware

824 North Market Street, 3rd Floor

Wilmington, DE 19801

(302) 252-2943

Term 2022-2024

Board of Governors

Megan Weiss

Southern District of Iowa

United States Courthouse Annex

110 East Court Avenue, Room 300

Des Moines, IA

(515) 323-2851

2022-2024 Term

Mohung Wong (Mo)

Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Robert N.C. Nix, Sr. Federal Bldg

900 Market Street, Suite 400

Philadelphia, PA 19107‑4299

(215) 408-2806

2022-2024 Term

Shallanda "Che" Clay

Northern District of Mississippi

703 Hwy 145 North

Aberdeen, MS 39730

(662) 369-2596


2023-2025 Term




Shannon Morris

Northern District of Georgia

75 Ted Turner Drive, SW, 1340

Atlanta, GA30303

(404) 215-1077

2023-2025 Term

Jan A. Zari

Central District of California

255 East Temple St. Ste 1050

Los Angeles, CA 90012

(213) 894-5108

2023-2025 Term

NCBC Staff

NCBC Business Manager

Mona Sparks

P.O. Box 1222

Versailles, KY 40383

(859) 806-7983


January 2024 - December 31, 2026 Term


Jeffrey Peirce

District of New Jersey

Clarkson S. Fisher Federal Building and United States Courthouse

402 East State Street, 1st Floor

Trenton, NJ 08608

(856) 361-2356

January 2024 - December 31, 2026 Term

Impact Editor

Michael Kloberdanz

North Dakota

655 1st Ave North, Suite 210

Fargo, ND 58102

(701) 297-7109

January 2024 - December 31, 2026 Term


Lori Doncsecz


824 N Market St

Wilmington, DE 19801

January 2024 - December 31, 2026 Term

Circuit and District Representatives

The NCBC has developed a group of circuit and district representative to provide the ability for our members to communicate directly with a member of our association about issues and concerns you have regarding the NCBC.  Our circuit and district representatives are also used to help disseminate information and to recruit new members.  Seems like we are always looking for ways to get members involved and this is an easy way for you to be more involved in NCBC.  If you wish to be a circuit or district representative, please send an email request to

Click here to view current list of Circuit Liaisons and Local Court Representatives (Updated January 2024). This list may change slightly until finalized.


NCBC has many committees working throughout the year. Each year we solicit in the Impact for volunteers to join some of these committees and others we invite to join.  If you are interested in joining a committee in the future please look for the articles in the Impact that ask for volunteers or you can contact the NCBC President.

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Awards & Scholarship Committee
Awards & Scholarship Committee

The Awards and Scholarship Committee administers annual awards and scholarships according to established guidelines. The committee evaluates award nominations received during a yearly nomination period. Award recipients are announced during the annual conference and certificates are presented. The committee also assesses scholarship applications following an annual application window. Approved scholarship recipients are notified of their award and the procedures for obtaining their scholarship reimbursements. The Awards and Scholarship Committee typically holds several conference calls during the year to discuss committee matters. Any committee members attending the annual conference are requested to assist during InfoShare at the informational committee booth.

2023 -2024 Awards/Scholarship Committee:    

Mohung Wong - Chair

Johanne Remy - Co-Chair (cacb)

Jeffrey Peirce (njb)

Juanita Pierson-Williams (azb)

Karen Harris (tnmb)

Lauren Maxwell (scb)

Linda Quan (cacb)

Monette Warren (casb)

Paige Wymore-Wynn (mowb)

Sandy Mohammad (cacb)

Stefanie Landry (mab)

Tommie Wills (azb)

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Benefits Committee
Benefits Committee

The Benefits Committee is primarily responsible for coordinating the benefits available exclusively to NCBC members. The bulk of these benefits are insurance programs offered through our partnership with FedAdvantage. The committee’s role includes:

• Ensuring that NCBC members have the most up-to-date information about the FedAdvantage offerings bymaintaining the Benefits Committee page on the NCBC website, engaging members at the annual conference during InfoShare

• Writing articles for the NCBC IMPACT newsletter

• Identifying insurance or other programs that FedAdvantage could provide to benefit our members further

• Researching and recommending other value-added benefits that could be offered to NCBC members

2023 - 2024 Benefits Committee:  

Megan Weiss - Chair (iasb)

Becky Hoefer (ianb)

Crystal Banks (scb)

Danielle Urban (cob)

Jeffrey Peirce (njb)

Mindy Senne (ksb)

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Education Committee
Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for identifying speakers, arranging workshops, and developing programs of interest and educational value. Much of our focus, although not entirely, is on the Annual Education Conference.

2023 - 2024 Education Committee:  

Stephanie Butler – Chair (nceb)

Carrie Parker (vaeb)

Hanna Ortiz (fjc)

Janice Bradshaw (caeb)

Jeff Davis (scb)

Kristen Ford (meb)

Mary Murray (mab)

Mo Wong (paeb)

Shannon Morris (ganb)

Tesa Ramsaur (wawb)

Tonya Castillo (txnb)

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IMPACT Editorial Committee
IMPACT Editorial Committee

The Impact Editorial Committee produces the official publication of the NCBC, the Impact Newsletter, every quarter. The Impact Editor, along with the Editorial Committee is tasked with authoring, soliciting, and editing written content and photographs for the newsletter in its current print and web-based formats. Additionally, the Editor and the Editorial Committee may produce special issues of the newsletter following annual conferences or other special events held throughout the year.

2023 - 2024 Impact Editorial Committee: 

Michael Kloberdanz - Chair (ndb)

Annie Schumacher (wieb)

Cindi Austin (okeb)

Deanna Anderson (nysb)

Jeffrey Peirce (njb)

Jennifer Kwiatkowski (mieb)

Jennifer Mahar (mieb)

Juanita Pierson-Williams (azb)

Kyle Maynard (iasb)

Leslie Sousa (caeb)

Reid Hermann (ilcb)

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Legislative Committee
Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee monitors and analyzes legislative and regulatory activities impacting the federal judiciary with emphasis on the Bankruptcy Courts.  The Committee works with the Legislative Committee of the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges to help to educate members of Congress and the Senate on issues important to the bankruptcy court system and the effects of various legislation or lack of, on the bankruptcy courts.  The Committee ensures that the NCBC members are informed of pending legislation through articles in the IMPACT newsletter and emails, when appropriate. 

2023 - 2024 Legislative Committee

Una O’Boyle - Chair

Becky Nahr (alsb)

Jamie Smith (wiwb)

Jason Starkey (utb)

Sydney Donovan (mow)

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Membership Committee
Membership Committee

(Local Court Reps and Court Liaisons Only)

The Membership Committee mission is the retention of current members and the recruitment of new members. Circuit Liaisons (CL) for each circuit, as well as Local Court Representatives (LCR) from each district within those circuits, assist the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee is also responsible for the annual Membership Drive and Member Appreciation Week. If you are interested in becoming an LCR or CL, please contact the Membership Committee.

2023 - 2024 Membership Committee:

Shannon Morris - Chair (ganb)

Jeffrey Peirce - Co-Chair (njb)

Circuit Liaisons

Mary-Ellen Palone (meb) - First Circuit

Jeffery P. Dingman (nynb) - Second Circuit

Jeffrey Peirce (njb) - Third Circuit

Valencia Valentine (vaeb) - Fourth Circuit

Cindy Sattler (lamb) - Fifth Circuit

Jennifer J. Mahar (mieb) - Sixth Circuit

Hope E. Sallee (insb) - Seventh Circuit

Kelly Goddard (mnb) - Eighth Circuit

La-Tia J. Sanders Terrado (canb) - Ninth Circuit

Alaric D. Serjeant (okwb) - Tenth Circuit

Kathleen Janene Deetz (flmb) - Eleventh Circuit

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Mentorship Committee
Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee facilitates the NCBC's Mentorship Program. The committee reviews both mentee and mentor applications to match a pair together based upon professional experience, goals, and expectations. The committee performs follow-up with each participant to ensure the program is meeting expectations. We discuss any issues that may arise and are always brainstorming on how the program could potentially be improved upon. The committee frequently advertises for volunteers through the NCBC Impact newsletter and is currently working on posting a revised video for the website.

2023 - 2024 Mentorship Committee:    

Jan Zari - Chair (cacb)

Alaric Sergeant (okwb)

Danielle Cripe (ianb)

Diana Wong (cacb)

Hope Sallee (insb)

Jamie Smith (wiwb)

Keith McCormick (kyeb)

Kellie Goddard (mnb)

Lia Aure (mdb)

LEAD Academy SubCommittee of Mentorship Committee:

Jan Zari - Chair (cacb)

Danielle Cripe, Co-Chair (ianb)

Jamie Smith, Co-Chair (wiwb)

Dawn Meador (mow)

Deborah Jenson (id)

Jennifer Mahar (mieb)

Keith McCormick (kyeb)

Tanja Brewer (cafc)

Woody Parks (Emeritus)

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Outreach Committee
Outreach Committee

(Clerks & Chief Deputies Only)

The Outreach Committee is responsible for increasing long term commitment to the NCBC members by working with all committees, members and external entities, as needed.

2023 - 2024 Outreach Committee:  

Shallanda "Che" Clay - Chair (msnb)

Joyce Ridgeway (ksb)

Keith McCormick (kyeb)

Dana McWay (moeb)

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Historian Committee
Historian Committee

The Historian’s Committee is responsible for maintaining the organization's historical record by capturing and preserving significant moments through photos and videos, with a focus on events like the annual conference. The committee assists the Historian with compiling and maintaining an array of items, including copies of the IMPACT newsletter, flyers, programs, letters of acknowledgment, and other memorabilia, creating a comprehensive archive that documents the rich history of the NCBC's activities to provide a narrative of the organization's journey for present and future generations.